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what is perfect thank-you?

Handcrafted and beautiful

Perfect Thank-You is a bespoke letter writing service for upmarket brands and companies who offer the highest level of attention and service to their clients. Letters aren’t just handwritten; they’re handcrafted. Each note is written in calligraphy, the old-fashioned way—with dip ink and nib—on high-quality paper. Each envelope is addressed in the same way.

The result is a stunning personal note that will stand out from every other piece of mail  your client receives.

Why calligraphy?

Calligraphy makes any letter look important and personal. It’s usually saved for weddings and special events, but why not give the same importance to the thank you or birthday card or holiday card you send to your clients?

A hand-calligraphed letter is special and rare. Your customers get thousands of emails and piles and piles of junk mail. But an envelope that is beautifully-addressed—and you, its sender—will be remembered for a very long time. A lifetime, even.

You do a thousand other things to provide excellent, personal service, and your correspondence should meet that same standard.

What your clients will think

Wow” will likely be their first thought when they sort through the mail and find your letter. No one can resist running a hand across a Perfect Thank-You envelope. That feel of the ink (yes, you can actually feel it), the beautiful calligraphy. The effect is stunning.

Chances are, your customers will think it’s a wedding or elegant party invitation, but when they open the envelope to discover that they’re holding a note of thanks from you, they will know without question that they matter to you. That you truly appreciate their loyalty and their business. That the customer service experience didn’t end when they walked out of your office or showroom.  

The benefits for you

So much of what you do is meant to create a wonderful experience for your customers, but that goal is tied to another: to grow and strengthen your business. Here are some ways that Perfect Thank-You will help you:

  • saves you time
  • anchors you in your customer’s mind to something beautiful and special
  • your letters and cards will be remembered for years to come
  • your clients will gladly tell their friends and family about the beautiful note you sent
  • more referrals
  • more sales, from both new and loyal clients
  • strengthened bond of loyalty with your customers



100% open rate

There will be no doubt whether your letter will get opened and read. Everyone opens a hand-calligraphed letter. (Which also makes it the perfect presentation for sending targeted, small-batch sales letters, too.)

portfolio of services

Perfect Thank You thank you cards

Thank-you notes

Send a beautiful thank-you note after a customer makes a purchase or uses your service—or anytime, for an added surprise—to show your appreciation for continued loyalty or to celebrate a new customer relationship.

Perfect Thank-You gold detail

Holiday cards

When your holiday cards are hand-calligraphed by Perfect Thank-You, your card will stand out from the dozens or even hundreds of other cards your customers receive. Yours will be the one they remember.

Perfect Thank-You happy birthday

Birthday cards

Celebrate your customer with a beautiful birthday card each and every year.

Perfect Thank-You blue gold client thank you

Client anniversary cards and notes

Commemorate the first business you did together by sending out a client anniversary card…It’s a lovely way to let your customers know just how much you appreciate their loyalty.


Tom Notar

VP Finance, Deltek

I used Jennifer’s service to send notes of thanks and congratulations to people within my company. Their reactions to the beautifully-crafted correspondence were in themselves impressive.  Recipients said they rushed to open these letters due to their beautiful and unique lettering and were appreciative of the amount of time I took to create the letters! If you desire to add distinction, sophistication and professionalism to your written correspondence, then Jennifer’s craftsmanship is for you!

Lee McKinster

Having recently received a hand-lettered package from Ms. Jennifer Schmitt, I can attest to the specialness, the quickening of finding something so lovely in one’s mailbox. Whether a one-time thank-you or a regular gesture to your most deserving customers, Jennifer’s notes will set you into permanent memory.

Jay Jasper

Associate Broker, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Had Jennifer address my Christmas letters to clients and friends. I was truly amazed at her talent and have had an outstanding response from my sphere of people. If you are thinking about whether or not it is worth the cost to have Jennifer create a card or thank-you for you, just do it. You will be totally amazed at how special it will make people feel.

Christine Burke

Perfect Thank You is just that. Perfect. Jennifer listened to exactly what I wanted for my post-interview thank you note, offered helpful suggestions and produced a stunning card. That card set me apart from the other applicants and helped me land a second interview.

meet the founder

“My favorite part of the work is how it makes people feel: valued, appreciated, respected, and (simply) like they matter. Knowing that all of that can be achieved with the elements of pen, ink, paper, and the right words to create a beautifully-written note? Well, that feels like an accessible, everyday sort of magic. It’s why I love what I do.”

Jennifer Schmitt - Perfect Thank-You

Jennifer Schmitt

For the last four years, I have enjoyed my work as a wedding and special event calligrapher, especially when clients have asked me to work on personal projects like writing out vows for an anniversary gift. It’s a lot of fun to be part of a happy surprise, and it’s meaningful to create something that will be part of a family’s mementos for years and even generations to come.

But in the back of my mind, I wanted to find new and unexpected ways to use my calligraphy skills. I started to do a lot of research about loyalty marketing, and I recognized a gap in that market. There are other handwritten letter services, but none of them was meeting the needs of luxury brands and services. I knew I could fill that need, and Perfect Thank-You came to life.

Hand-calligraphed notes and cards are an effective and beautiful way to help you communicate the high standard of service and luxury that is the foundation of your company culture and to help you create a high-touch customer service experience.

What you can expect from me is personal attention as well as excellence in every piece of mail that represents you and your company. It has to be beautiful, or it doesn’t get a postage stamp. That’s my standard.

In some ways, I have an old-fashioned soul, and calligraphy allows me to keep one foot in the past. But I know how important it is to look ahead, too, and to find new ways to solve problems. It’s a wonderful convergence when what’s old and time-tested (a handwritten letter) becomes such an effective and modern tool for business.

On the bookshelf beside my desk, a 1957 edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette sits right next to a modern-day edition of the same book. This pairing of modern and classic in the same space feels exactly right to me.

My other interests include gift and jewelry design, writing, songwriting, and long road trips.

You can reach me at



*Please note that while I use the terms ‘handwritten’ and ‘hand-addressed’ to describe the following services, those terms always indicate handcrafted calligraphy.

Envelope only

Hand-addressed envelope for a card or letter you write yourself. (An example of this would be addressing the envelopes for your holiday cards.)

Calligraphy and full mailing services: $5/envelope

  • includes US domestic postage. Additional fees may apply for international mailing.
  • high-quality black Sumi ink on lighter envelopes or white ink on dark envelopes
  • assembly of card and envelope
  • delivery to post office for mailing

Calligraphy only – $3/envelope

  • does not include postage or mailing services
  • envelopes to be delivered back to your office for assembly and mailing


Up to 50 words – $50

51-100 words – $75

101+ words – $100

  • handwritten letter
  • hand-addressed envelope
  • stationery included
  • high-quality black Sumi ink on lighter envelopes or white ink on dark envelopes
  • includes US domestic postage. Additional fees may apply for international mailing.

Birthday and anniversary cards

Calligraphy + Card + envelope – $20


  • greeting card
  • US domestic postage. Additional fees may apply for international mailing.
  • calligraphy up to 25 words
  • high-quality black Sumi ink on lighter envelopes or white ink on dark envelopes

Calligraphy only – $15

Premium letters

Up to 100 words – $100

101-200 words – $150


  • 9″ x 12″ presentation envelopes (choose from five colors: black, night blue, red, gold, silver
  • handwritten letter on unfolded letter paper, in choice of color to match or coordinate with presentation envelope
  • gold or silver ink (except on gold and silver envelopes, on which black ink will be used. Metallic ink may still be used for the handwritten letter.)
  • US domestic postage. Additional fees may apply for international mailing.


Any or all services can be combined on a per-client basis. For example, if you want to send a birthday card, a thank-you letter, a holiday card, and an anniversary note to a client over the span of a year, we can set up a package plan to include all of those services.

Design services

I would be happy to work with you to design printables: stationery, birthday or holiday cards, or return address stamps to use for your mailings. Please call or email to discuss.

Additional services

On-site calligraphy services available for special events. Please call or email to discuss.

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