What is Perfect Thank-You?

The thank-you that will delight your customers and transform your loyalty marketing results.

Perfect Thank-You is a bespoke handwritten letter service founded on the mission of helping say thank you to your loyal customers in a beautiful, unforgettable way. Loyalty marketing, all dressed up.

An elegant, hand-written note is worth a thousand times more than a gift because it will be remembered for far longer. Why? Because no one does it.

Sending a note that’s written in calligraphy on high quality paper, with ink that you can actually feel on the paper, will set you apart from what anyone else in your market is doing. People will talk about it. They will tell their friends. And they will remember you for it.

A note like that is unique to anything else your clients might receive in the mail. It’s not a gift card. It’s not a dinner card. It is something personal to them, and it’s obvious that it wasn’t printed from a computer.

It could not have been created any other way other than by hand. By putting ink to paper. The old fashioned way.

And they will remember, ever after (potentially for a lifetime) that you were the person who sent it.



Every letter I write for you is the most important letter I will ever write.

Targeted marketing

Perfect Thank-You will help send targeted, small-batch marketing campaigns to reach your ideal clients.

Handwritten thank-you letters

Beautiful handwritten thank-you letters will make your loyal (and new) customers feel appreciated and will increase your referrals.

Loyalty marketing

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Integrated branding

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Who’s behind Perfect Thank-You

Jennifer Schmitt



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